Final Results Are In – 40 Day Challenge

Well, the final count has been calculated for the 40 Day Challenge. The results are in at my wife’s blog. Click Here To See Results.

There is nothing like a good challenge between husband and wife. It brings the relationship closer.

My Wife won this challenge!


40 Day Challenge Is Almost Over

The 40 day challenge is coming closer to the end. Writing is not easy, especially when there are other things to do during the day. Keeping this blog updated with content has been a challenge. Mind everyone, that I’m writing these posts from a cellphone. Small screen makes it difficult to write but I’ve been doing it for months now. Once this challenge is over, I will be going live once again. Looking forward to going live on Periscope. There is a lot to do before the year ends.

Breaking Night

Breaking night, thinking about so many things in life. Trying to solve some personal issues as well. The constant battles never end. It has no ending in sight. One of my main priorities is opening and operating my new business. I’m thinking about adding a page for hire here on my blog, so that I can advertise my businesses. It is the weekend, so I’m trying to catch up on everything. Right now, the 40 day challenge is getting near to the end. We are now on the 25th day. This challenge has been quite a mission but I’m getting there.