It’s Friday

It’s Friday, the weekend has arrived. Today will be another day filled with errands. Puerto Rico is looking more like a ghost town, I’m seeing less people in the streets. Seems like everyone is moving out. Anyway, less traffic equals, more productivity. I will be updating soon on what is going on in Puerto Rico. Right now I have to take advantage of this awesome weather and get these errands done.


A Great Day To Go Food Shopping

It has been quite a long day at the Supermarket. Well, my wife’s grandmother was doing some food shopping, she takes her time reading labels. The weather held up so far with zero rain. It’s not that cold. I’m still in errand mode because my wife just told me that we have to go to another Supermarket. I guess it is a day filled with bargains. At this point, I’m getting hungry. Let’s see what happens because I can’t continue without eating.