Puerto Rico Needs StateHood

In fact Puerto Ricans are Latino Americans. We have served among American soldiers in many wars for the United States. We vote from the main land for President of the United States. Doors will open up, especially for business if we can become the 51st State. Everything will change of course but times have changed as well. The majority of Puerto Ricans live and attend School in the United States. English is well spoken by those who put an effort to learn. Contradictions are everywhere in our island because people here buy American products, they use Federal Funds for Education, Food Stamps and housing. It has come to my attention that our people do not like to pay. The reason they do not want State Hood is because there will be taxes to pay that at this time they do not pay for.

Maybe a temporary State Hood should be established in order to see how it progresses. A year or two maybe five years of State Hood should give us room to test the waters before diving in and possibly drowning. June 11, 2017 is the big day here in Puerto Rico. It will be up to Washington, DC to give the final touches of this heated debate.

Only time will tell. Right now Puerto Rico needs to establish a business development plan and restructure our education system as well as our local emergency services.

Always Keep Your Strength

We are programmed to a bunch of negative information. This negative information always puts us in a position where our strength become weak. No matter what situation we face on a daily basis, we must learn how to maintain our inner strength. Our strength will get stronger as each day goes by. Challenge yourself to change your ways. Be Strong! 

Currently Working On My YouTube Channel

I’ve been busy this past week because one of my main projects needs attention. Working on my YouTube channel content and trying different editing applications for my cellphone. It’s been a very long time but this is not that simple. I will be up and running soon. My first video shoot will occur shortly. When your limited on resources, you must work with what you have in your hands. 

When Will People Learn To Get Along?

The news, internet is filled daily with constant violence. Everyone is killing each other. This world needs more attention to Mentally Unstable people. We have become antisocial society because of the insecurity in our Communities. We cannot go out without wondering if we will actually come home alive or injured. This is causing fear among our communities. Why? Why are we bombarded with so much violence? 

Enough is Enough! 

We are driving our Communities into the dumpster with all the craziness surrounding us. We are also seeing the results of hatred around the world. 

Peace and​ Harmony is a long road ahead. 

Sharing Option Keeps Disconnecting

I’m not sure what is going on with WordPress but the Sharing option will not share any post. It keeps disconnecting from all the available accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). These accounts are acting up lately. I have to reconnect every time that I log into WordPress. Google+ keeps changing my settings from Public to private as well. Technical issues should be a priority for these companies if they want to keep a steady flow of income and clients. I am not upset but concerned at how many times I’ve been disconnected from sharing my post. Enough is Enough!! I am sure that this can be fixed as soon as possible. Please bring back the sharing option to normal.






It’s The Weekend

So far the day has gone by smoothly. No complaints at all. I am trying to gather some money to purchase the power supply to the computer. I have managed to find one that works but belongs to a printer that I might need in the near future.  I searched through eBay and found a few that interest me to this point. I have to wait until the funds are acquired in order to purchase. The weather today has been very hot and humid. Very sticky, feels like the sun is at my door step. Been drinking lot’s of cold water to keep hydrated. Our health is a priority. Taking it easy this weekend because come Monday, it is another start of the process of achieving my goals. I’ve learned to be content with what is in my present, even though I need a better future. Living in Paradise does take a toll on your over health but I am a fighter. I keep going until the job gets done.

I am not involved in any negative circles. Leaving room for more positive vibes in my life. Of course it will take a lot of patience but I’m confident that I will succeed. This blog is my public diary in which I share my thoughts and views with everyone. Without this blog I would not be able to confront all of the thoughts and views that come my way in a very specific manner. Writing has become a therapy without a therapist. Letting all the bad and good to be released into cyberspace.

Climate Change Is Our Responsibility

Why does it take Politics to change our planet? This situation with our environment is the cause of bad business decisions. Our Governments have a responsibility to hold accountable all businesses that ruin our environment. We are all required to clean up after ourselves. People are actually destroying our communities, our beaches, our Oceans. Our air is polluted by companies who do not care about the air we breath. This is our planet. We must all take care of it. It does not matter what Country or what language you speak, climate change affects us all equally. Let us all take time to start cleaning up our communities and our planet. Let us start moving for a better and cleaner planet. It is only one planet (EARTH), it belongs to all of us equally.