The Lost Community

Violence is never the answer. We are living in a world filled with hatred. It’s actually sad to see people fighting against each other. Especially when they share the same land, same air. Protesting against the Government desicions will always be a waste of time and energy. Nobody has learned anything in School? Adjustments must be made in our daily lives in order to keep up with the changes our Government makes. Hopefully people will wake up to reality and focus they’re attention at fixing the issues with their families, instead of focusing on Political views that will never progress.


Blogging Takes A New Journey

This weekend will be an awesome weekend. The start of a new week is near, so our future plans are moving forward. All negative thoughts will never stay within our minds. One of the major projects right now is the programming of Live Streaming via Periscope, Facebook, Instagram. I am actually looking forward to this new project for my blogging. It is the next step for my Thoughts and Views. I’m starting the Periscope without a set Schedule at this time. Facebook Live does have a Schedule on the Fan Page as well as on the group page. All information has been posted on the page banner. With this new journey, I am hoping to gain more viewers, followers. There will be so much to talk about. Go ahead and visit my Facebook Fan Page for more details. I will be updating the Fan Page with Notes soon with valuable information. Thank you all for visiting. Have an awesome weekend.