Puerto Rico In Total Blackout

Well, today we got hit with a blackout throughout the island. What else can go wrong in a current crisis? The local AEE (Autoridad de Energ铆a El茅ctrica) has been working hard to restore service. Hoping for a full recovery with our communities electrical crisis. 


Lights On In Puerto Rico聽

Great news! We are seeing traffic lights in action. Streets are illuminated on main roads. We have not seen any electricity in local homes as of yet. Many businesses do count with Electricity at the moment in Bayam贸n, Puerto Rico. 

Hopefully we will regain a normal life once we have electrical service in our homes as well. I’m actually trying to keep connection as much as I can at this point in time. So far we are in progress to full recovery here. 

Life Continues As Normal

Despite all the craziness since Hurricane Maria, I can assure everyone that life continues as normal. The malls are reopen. Businesses are operating as usual. Food supply is average. There are no complaints beyond the current situation we are facing with Electricity. But everything is going pretty well here. I’m actually looking forward to having access to Electricity once again at home. 

A Beautiful Day In Paradise

Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful day in Paradise. I’m hoping that everyone is doing well. My hometown seems stable. It’s Sunday Morning, it is time to get motivated. There is plenty of work to get done. I’m going to update soon. At this time I’m going to have some breakfast, I need the energy. 

A Special Thank You

Today I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers, friends and visitors for supporting my blog. It has been such a long journey this past year. With the current situation facing us here in Puerto Rico blogging has been limited but I will keep moving forward. 

There is so much to do here. Writing has become my passion. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. 

Thank You 

Open Mobile Cellphone Signals Not Covering Enough Area’s

Open Mobile Puerto Rico is having major issues with the signals. Internet service is slow in many areas. At this time Bayam贸n only has 100% Mobile signals in Plaza del Sol. This is a real issue because we need more coverage in Bayam贸n. 

We Might Have Electricity Soon

This morning while browsing the local news paper, great news for Puerto Rico. We might be seeing the end of darkness soon. The local AEE is working hard to establish service to all the island. Time will tell!!