Waiting For Maria To Arrive

Sitting here waiting for this event to pass through Puerto Rico. At this time our local gas stations are running out of gasoline. Everyone is buying at the last-minute. This Hurricane Maria seems very dangerous. Many people do not want to evacuate their homes. We are truly living in sad times. This type of situation is stressful for many people because they do not have access to the resources needed in order to survive. Local businesses are running out of supply. Limited Resources are the number one cause of full depression in a crisis. Being mentally prepared is essential in order to survive such a terrible storm. In other words, if we are mentally prepared,we can make better decisions for us and for our loved ones. Hopefully we will make it safe out of this one. Right now, I will be honest, this is a bit scary. I’ve been living in Puerto Rico since 2011 and never heard or seen anything like Hurricane Maria. One of the major worries is the ability to connect to the internet, keep communications open. The other issues are the ability to keep food cool in order for us to be able to eat during and after these storms. Of course I am worried but within my worries, I’m trying to stay strong.

At this time I am feeling the first winds through the living room where I’m taking refuge. It seems like a normal day outside. The winds are not that strong but we can feel it. cellphones are charging, solar charger is charging, flash lights are ready. We have enough food. There is an electrical plant where I’m staying. The only thing that worries me is the fact that sources are limited. Anyway, so far we are doing fine, sitting here and waiting for Maria to arrive!


Puerto Rico On Target – Maria Headed Our Way

Puerto Rico seems to be on target with these storms. The island cannot take it anymore. There are residents who have lost everything, while others are doing well. It’s like a 50/50 situation. Let us hope that these storms passes by quickly and far away. Puerto Rico is still recovering from Irma. Only time will tell. 

Back In Service

It has been such a long week. The current hurricane Irma has caused so much stress. I am happy to announce that we are back in service. The internet is back, I’m actually looking forward to blogging once again. I will be updating soon. There is so much to get back on track at home.

Great News From Puerto Rico

Electricity has been established in BayamĂłn and many other Municipalities. Businesses are running on normal schedule. Even though the electrical system is not working at 100%, we have and will be coming back to a normal life. One week without electricity is horrible. Hopefully things will get back on track. 

Limited Electricity In Puerto Rico

So far we are experiencing a delay in electrical service. I’m actually at the mall charging my cellphone. Hopefully everything will be back to normal. The mall is packed, everyone is taking it easy. This situation is stressful but we can overcome. 

Great News – Water Service Established

As of this morning, we have water service established. The Municipalities are coming together in an awesome way. Hopefully the electrical service can be restored soon. Puerto Rico residents are very strong. We can overcome any situation. 

No Electricity and No Water In Puerto Rico

At this time in Paradise, Puerto Rico is suffering a major outage with Electricity and water. This situation can be devasting for anyone who does not have an electrical plant. Food supply is short. Many families have refuged together but we are currently on a limit. Personally I have not traveled to nearby streets to asses the damages due to fuel consumption. I urge my fellow bloggers and friends to donate to my PayPal that you see here. It says Can You Buy Me A Coffee. These funds will help us very much on a personal level. 

I will update again soon…