Hurricane Relief Funds

Welcome to our new page (Hurricane Relief Funds). This page has been created because our current situation in Puerto Rico has and will become very difficult. We might not have electricity for 1 – 3 months, food shortage is possible. We will not know the extent of damage to our homes until the hurricane passes. Many people are suffering from past, current hurricane. I myself need an electrical plant in order to maintain connection with the rest of the world. keep food cool and have a fan connected in order to beat the extent heat. I urge all my friends, followers, visitors and fellow bloggers to take a few minutes to place a donation via PayPal. On the side bar, you will find a PayPal link dedicated to the Hurricane Funds. These funds will not only help me but can help someone else who is close to me.

At this time I urge everyone to pray for Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean and make a decent donation in order for us to survive.