The World Needs To Come Together

The world needs to come together in Peace and Harmony. Where are the real connections? Business connections are a priority in all of our communities. Even though that we have access to the world-wide web, it seems that everyone is disconnected. It has been a long time since I updated on this category. Let’s focus on connecting on a business to business level. The reason for this request is because I am in the process of turning my blogging into a full-time business. There is so much to concentrate on as of today. Right now there is a demand for real solutions. Meaning that we need to start helping others directly. Starting with friends and family who are really in need. Neighbors are in need as well. There is so much suffering in this world. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life today. I will be posting on a regular basis on some very important topics.

Bloggers can make a differance!!


Donations Are NeededĀ 

We are running short on food here. Our current financial situation has been deplited. Jobs at this point are very limited. Trying to work on commission has been rough. The current status with the electricity has put a huge dent in our pockets. 

 Who is willing to give me a hand? 

At this time, I am currently asking for donations via PayPal due to the current situation here. I’m trying to stay connected in order to keep blogging. I have decided to turn my blogging into a full time job. Your donations will help me by purchasing food, rent and Internet as well as the maintenance of this blog. 

I’m going to work as hard as I can to bring more detailed information about my community and it’s progress. $1.00 can go along way. I believe in my followers, fellow bloggers. Please help me out! 

We have been struggling since Hurricane Maria hit our island. It has not been easy to survive in total darkness. I will appreciate your help in this matter. 

SOS From Puerto Rico!!! The donations link is on the blogs sidebar. Please feel free to help!!

A Lost Category

It has been a while since I posted here in this category. Is it possible to boost our connections worldwide? In order to bring everyone together via cyberspace, we need to build our Networks. This category has been lost. I’ve been too busy working on all Social Media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. I am hoping to boost my connections because this is vital to our extended communications. Remember to like my Facebook Page, follow me there and in all my available Social links. I will do the same for everyone who helps me out. I am going to post soon about a Follow for Follow thread on my Facebook page. This will help everyone with Social Networking. Let’s connect and follow each other via Facebook and all other platforms. Everyday, I will be updating the page and groups. I will be waiting for all to stop and click like, follow.