A Minor Accident Causes A Black Out

Last night there was a black out due to a minor accident where two electrical poles dropped onto a home on Magnolia Ave, Bayamon, PR. No injuries were reported. One of the biggest issue is the lack of service from the AEE. When will they start repairing the broken system? Residents have had enough with the lack of responsibility from this company. We cannot keep living in total darkness anymore. Executives from the AEE will not make a move to fix this issue but they can and will keep collecting money from the public. Enough is Enough with the lack of responsibility. We need answers these people to start working on the system already. It seems that the public is being ignored. It is time for the community of Puerto Rico to wake up and start making sure these people start working on fixing the broken system.


Blackout Once Again

AEE Leaves Residents in the dark once again. There is no service in Magnolia Gardens, Bayam贸n, Puerto Rico. The heat is getting worst, as fans are not turned on due to no electricity running. When will we get the lights turned on? 

AEE Leaves Residents Under Rust聽

AEE Leaves Residents Under Rust

AEE has left the electrical system in Puerto Rico under rust, leaving many municipalities in total darkness. On a constant basis, you see lights flickering, a boom sound in the street, then the lights go off. This is a serious situation because people are and can lose food, electronics get damaged. Mind you, the intense of the heat wave in a house or apartment with no fan or air-conditioning. Many people have family members on oxygen. Can the executives of the AEE take more responsibility over the maintenance of the system? This is an ongoing debate in Puerto Rico. A serious situation that needs attention! 

Happy 4th Of July

I would like to wish those who celebrate this day a Happy 4th Of July. Be safe, don’t get into trouble with fire works. Make sure that children do not play or go near any fire works. Everyone needs to use common sense when it comes to safety. Hope everyone has an awesome day. 

Puerto Rico Needs StateHood

In fact Puerto Ricans are Latino Americans. We have served among American soldiers in many wars for the United States. We vote from the main land for President of the United States. Doors will open up, especially for business if we can become the 51st State. Everything will change of course but times have changed as well. The majority of Puerto Ricans live and attend School in the United States. English is well spoken by those who put an effort to learn. Contradictions are everywhere in our island because people here buy American products, they use Federal Funds for Education, Food Stamps and housing. It has come to my attention that our people do not like to pay. The reason they do not want State Hood is because there will be taxes to pay that at this time they do not pay for.

Maybe a temporary State Hood should be established in order to see how it progresses. A year or two maybe five years of State Hood should give us room to test the waters before diving in and possibly drowning. June 11, 2017 is the big day here in Puerto Rico. It will be up to Washington, DC to give the final touches of this heated debate.

Only time will tell. Right now Puerto Rico needs to establish a business development plan and restructure our education system as well as our local emergency services.

Puerto Rico Needs To Wake Up

So now Oscar L贸pez has met with students of the Puerto Rico University. Protest are still occurring. We are seeing the last of our communities education. There is no doubt that the University needs new and improved policies in regards to financing. Students need to get back to class. Staff needs to get back to work. We cannot let radical movements get in the way of progress. Puerto Rico cannot turn into a third world Country. Violence will never solve anything. 

Puerto Rico needs to wake up. 

Can we find a solution for our Educational System? Of course we can. First of all we need to reopen the gates to the future. While these gates are closed, we lose on our future as each day goes by without the gates open. Getting back to class will bring peace among us all. 

Talking about turning into violence will cause more hatred among each other. Common sense is needed here. Our Communities need better solutions for our Educational System. Let’s work together in Peace and Harmony. 

Puerto Rico can change for a better future, wake up my fellow Puerto Ricans. 

Just Three More Days聽

My 42nd Birthday

It’s been such a long journey. My 42nd birthday is right around the corner. Life has it’s up and down but I’m actually excited to turn 42. May 20th is the big day for me indeed.