Puerto Rico Needs StateHood

In fact Puerto Ricans are Latino Americans. We have served among American soldiers in many wars for the United States. We vote from the main land for President of the United States. Doors will open up, especially for business if we can become the 51st State. Everything will change of course but times have changed as well. The majority of Puerto Ricans live and attend School in the United States. English is well spoken by those who put an effort to learn. Contradictions are everywhere in our island because people here buy American products, they use Federal Funds for Education, Food Stamps and housing. It has come to my attention that our people do not like to pay. The reason they do not want State Hood is because there will be taxes to pay that at this time they do not pay for.

Maybe a temporary State Hood should be established in order to see how it progresses. A year or two maybe five years of State Hood should give us room to test the waters before diving in and possibly drowning. June 11, 2017 is the big day here in Puerto Rico. It will be up to Washington, DC to give the final touches of this heated debate.

Only time will tell. Right now Puerto Rico needs to establish a business development plan and restructure our education system as well as our local emergency services.

Puerto Rico Needs To Wake Up

So now Oscar López has met with students of the Puerto Rico University. Protest are still occurring. We are seeing the last of our communities education. There is no doubt that the University needs new and improved policies in regards to financing. Students need to get back to class. Staff needs to get back to work. We cannot let radical movements get in the way of progress. Puerto Rico cannot turn into a third world Country. Violence will never solve anything. 

Puerto Rico needs to wake up. 

Can we find a solution for our Educational System? Of course we can. First of all we need to reopen the gates to the future. While these gates are closed, we lose on our future as each day goes by without the gates open. Getting back to class will bring peace among us all. 

Talking about turning into violence will cause more hatred among each other. Common sense is needed here. Our Communities need better solutions for our Educational System. Let’s work together in Peace and Harmony. 

Puerto Rico can change for a better future, wake up my fellow Puerto Ricans. 

Just Three More Days 

My 42nd Birthday

It’s been such a long journey. My 42nd birthday is right around the corner. Life has it’s up and down but I’m actually excited to turn 42. May 20th is the big day for me indeed. 

Puerto Rico Under Heavy Showers 

Travel With Caution

Heavy rains hit Puerto Rico. Flooding has been observed in many areas. Residents should take all precautions while driving or traveling to and from the island. 

Puerto Rico Goes Bankrupt Under PROMESA

Today Puerto Rico will or might be going bankrupt under the protection of PROMESA title III. What does it mean for us? This situation is out of control. Our Governor Ricardo Rosello has decided to take this to Federal court and have the current debt monitored by Judges, since the Financial Control Board does not want to negotiate anything that our administration puts on the table. This is a concern because local businesses, health care, Federal Housing, Food Stamps, etc are at risk. We need help from the United States and beyond so that this crisis can be balanced and everything gets back to normal. Puerto Rico is on a thin financial line.

We can only hope for the best here. Rosello Declares Bankruptcy Under Promesa

Puerto Rico Might Be On Foot


Will we have transportation tomorrow May 2, 2017? Puerto Rico might be on foot because the transportation authority has not mentioned anything at all after the events of May 1, 2017. This is terrible because there is no way of knowing if they are in operation. We also have trolley service and that as well was not mentioned at all. There is no update on this situation on their website. Puerto Rico Se Mueve (AMA)

Violence Is Never The Answer

Puerto Rico has gotten out of control. As I watched feeds on Facebook, I noticed two different groups. One group was forming a decent and calm march, while the other formed chaos in the streets, destroying properties, etc. There has been a total lost of common sense today. It is sad to see my island and it’s people go so far that the community we share gets destroyed.

Violence is never the answer…

The majority of the violence is committed by students of the UPR and their friends. When will we be a civilized society? The day is gone. Let’s see what occurs before midnight tonight as the moon rises.