American Citizen – Human Rights Don’t Exist

We have fallen deep into an abyss of what is right or wrong. Illegal means breaking the laws of the land. American parents are going through tough and emotional rollercoaster due to the separation of they’re children. So why are the debates in favor of the illegal immigrants? Human Rights are not considered here for American familes.

I’m an American citizen, a parent who was forced to give up my rights as a parent. (New Jersey). I never broke a law.

We are living in a world where everyone is focused on the wrong issues. Our community has been destroyed by lack of compassion. Our policies are written by people who do not know why they write them, these policies are used against each side of the Political spectrum in order to destroy the other Political side.

This is all about money and Politics. Not HUMAN RIGHTS!


A Divided Community – Puerto Rico In A Political War

Puerto Rico has seen so many changes. Our communities are divided due to Political views. Negative news about Puerto Rico has been spread to the point where nobody actually trust Puerto Ricans here. What has actually been seen here is the advancement of our communities businesses. Malls are open, SuperMarkets are in operation, gas stations are open. Our island has seen a destruction but not exactly how it’s reported. We are standing strong. We have people in bars, drinking early. The reconstruction of our communities are not part of some people’s priorities.

We must look at all the information being spread via the internet.

Remember that Puerto Ricans are in a Political war. Meaning that each party will be showing what the other party should not be doing for our community. The divide is obvious.Ā STATE HOOD 51 vs INDEPENDANCE

Political wars!

The news outlets, Facebook Groups are all against each other. All the negative news is what the people in the world are reading about Puerto Rico. Visit a Mall, Gas Station, SuperMarket, the beach or a Bar and you will witness the real Puerto Rico. Yes; some people are still without electricity but many do cry wolf. There is an abundance of cash flow in the private sector. Many companies are hiring. Hospitals are in full working condition. The negativity has been over reacted and written. Before people start making any negative judgements about our island, remember one thing,Ā we do speak English and Spanish.Ā 

People decide to move to the United States but will not stay in the island to help rebuild. A better life in the USA or a better future for our island? We choose to be a part of a growing nation but cannot keep fighting a Political war. Federal funds are constantly coming into Puerto Rico but our communities never see a dime. Of course we are bought with Food Stamps and Section 8 but that is not enough for our people. It is time for all Puerto Ricans to STOP with the divide and start working to rebuild our communities.