Cock Fighting – Game Over

Cock Fighting has become the debate in Washington, DC this past few days. Congress has decided to prohibit the activity of cock fighting in Puerto Rico. This has brought many people to the table against the prohibitions of this activity. It will eventually be a Federal offence to operate a cock fighting event. Odd as it may seem but this is actually occurring in Puerto Rico. What can we expect? We are a territory of the United States. Anything can happen from day to day.


Puerto Rico Under Siege

Crime has risen in Puerto Rico. We do not have sufficient police officers in the streets. The situation concerning our security has gotten worst. There are no funds to cover our community needs but funds are available for Politicians and they’re friends. Puerto Rico at this time needs the assistance of the National Guard to assist with the security of our communities. When will the National Guard be activated island wide?

Facebook Is Invading Users Privacy

Cellphones Hacked By Facebook

In the past few days, I’ve witnessed a few changes in my Facebook Fan Pages, all photos that I have uploaded to the profile was deleted by Facebook. Also noticed that they had changed and added many photos to a slide show without permission. It has been difficult to manage my own photos. Cannot delete them myself. Facebook has hacked my cellphone and has taken over what I want to post. They are posting what they want, using photos from my device. Settings on my device are set for not allowing permission to have access to my storage on my cellphone.

Facebook is also manupilating all uploaded post. They delete any post without permission.