Puerto Rico Up and Running

We have been facing a serious situation with all communications. At this time we have access but limited. This morning we received water service. Electricity is still out of service. Food is limited but we are trying to stay afloat. I will be updating sooon.. 


Communications Half Open – The Battle Continues

We are happy to report that Lomas Verdes, Bayamon, Puerto Rico is ok. Magnolia Gardens as well is ok. There is minimal damage in this area. Trees are down, electrical wires, poles, etc are down. Many homes and businesses have been lost. At this point we are very limited on food and gasoline. Water supply is limited as well. There are other parts of Puerto Rico with severe damage. At this point we are basically stuck at home as refuge. An SOS needs to be established. Puerto Rico needs the assistance of our friends and family outside. We need the hands of labor to reconnect electrical services, bring food to our communities and establish medical emergency. Many streets here are not safe to travel. I am writing this update because at this time Claro Puerto Rico has service established via cellphone and internet. Please send us HELP!

I have established a Hurricane Relief Fund link on the side bar with the PayPal link. The situation here is getting very rough. Puerto Rico needs to establish gasoline service in order to maintain the electrical plants and keep fuel in vehicles. There is also a Facebook link on the side bar of this blog. Please follow me there, give me a like. I will be posting photos of the current situation on that page. I will be updating soon!

Puerto Rico On Target – Maria Headed Our Way

Puerto Rico seems to be on target with these storms. The island cannot take it anymore. There are residents who have lost everything, while others are doing well. It’s like a 50/50 situation. Let us hope that these storms passes by quickly and far away. Puerto Rico is still recovering from Irma. Only time will tell. 

No Electricity and No Water In Puerto Rico

At this time in Paradise, Puerto Rico is suffering a major outage with Electricity and water. This situation can be devasting for anyone who does not have an electrical plant. Food supply is short. Many families have refuged together but we are currently on a limit. Personally I have not traveled to nearby streets to asses the damages due to fuel consumption. I urge my fellow bloggers and friends to donate to my PayPal that you see here. It says Can You Buy Me A Coffee. These funds will help us very much on a personal level. 

I will update again soon… 

Getting Heavy Winds and Rain In Puerto Rico

At this time BayamĂłn, Puerto Rico is experiencing heavy rains and wind. So far we are doing ok. Hope for the best. Please feel free to make a donation via PayPal, this will help me and my family very much. I will be updating soon. 

Bathroom Water Leak – Irma Has Not Touched Puerto Rico Yet 

So, my wife wakes up to a swimming pool in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. The bathroom plumbing was leaking all night. Electrical system is still active. We had a close call, electricusion! 

The adventure has begun!! 

Bathroom Leak

All Residents Of Puerto Rico Can Add My Zello Local News – Join The Efforts To Communicate

My fellow friends and family in Puerto Rico can find the Zello application on their cellphones and add the local news. It was created for my community in case of an emergency. Feel free to join… 

Let us all stay updated via this Walkie Talkie. Your safety and your neighbors depend on full open communication.

Hope to hear from my neighbors in Puerto Rico..