Life Is A Mystery

The minutes are counted. We experience a level of anxiety so high that it actually paralises our thoughts. Our world is full of darkness. Heartbreaking moments like the one thrown at us this week will put a blank page on our hearts.

Loved once are leaving us.

Why? This world is a mystery. Nothing can be explained. Our lives are based on suffering, enjoyment. Meaning, we suffer, laugh twelve months in a year. Not many people can understand why!


Sadness Among Us

It takes a lot of courage to face the truth, especially when it’s about a family member who is on a time limit on earth. The most terrifying part of all this situation is knowing that the person will no longer be here. A silence in the making. I’ve been a witness to the suffering among family members. This week has been very tough on my soul. My wife’s grandfather is ill and in ICU with no chance of survival. He will be sent to a 24 hour room with family, just waiting for his last breath.

Seeing my wife crying day and night does make me feel very sad inside. Holidays will not be the same. October 2018 will be the month of total sadness.

I’m staying strong for her sake. It is not easy. At 9am we will be headed to the hospital until 5pm. Day has become long, nights have become silent.