Always Keep Your Strength

We are programmed to a bunch of negative information. This negative information always puts us in a position where our strength become weak. No matter what situation we face on a daily basis, we must learn how to maintain our inner strength. Our strength will get stronger as each day goes by. Challenge yourself to change your ways. Be Strong! 

Bullies Are Hiding Behind Friendships

Bullies can be found everywhere. They are not only in Schools, they are people who are very close to you. It can be a person associated with you and your family. Someone who has brought trust. But within time this person can start insulting, verbally abusing you. We may not see it at first until the water in the pot boils over, causing a bigger argument and eventually a fist fight. In this case, the abuser is your best friend, hiding behind the friendship. This is a concern because it will become a situation which is depressive. Best friends and it turns out to be non-existent because they have other plans stored in their system of abuse. This is not fair at all. Friendships are meant to be with each other in good and bad times. Supporting each other in many ways. Keeping a close eye on everyone in your circle is very important, because when you least expect it. They will stab you in the back causing major infliction and pain. The suffering will last a very long time. The recovery process will be very long.

I am the kind of person who is open-minded but keeps an eye open when people get too close to me. In fact, I do not trust anybody. Information that I put on my blog is for the public to read. So in this case the trust is cleared. I know what to share and what not to share among the crowd. Friends are like spies, some enjoy the gossip, the push the button kinds. These people are the ones who come to you with a smile and the doors open, under fine suspicion, these people will never pass muster with me. Bullies cannot stay shut, they will keep going until the person they hurt get pushed to the limit. I do not stay shut to any bully. There are times when silence is the best option. Like cyber bullies, also known as TROLLS. In this case, it is the best option to keep silent. Fighting text with text is just a ridiculous thing to do. Bullies need their own medicine!

Never get upset or depressed over a bully or troll, cyber bully. It is not worth losing your mental stability over stupidity. Intelligence overrides a bullies intentions. Always stay a few steps ahead of the pack in order to be safe.

Parenting 101 – Internet Use vs Children

One quick advice and to the point. 

Parents today are so consumed by the technology advancement that they lack real life comprehension. With so many weird, sexual, criminal activities associated with the usage of the internet. Parents need to learn some common sense. Keep your children away from any and all types of Social Networks. It is for their safety and to make sure that they are not raised by cyber warriors. 

The internet was not created​ for children to spend their valuable time on. As parents, you should also learn how to stay focused on your children more, instead of spending time on Social Networks. 

Your kids come first! Pay ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS! 

Savings Should Be A Habit 

Learn How To Save Money

We are all consumed by money issues. There are finances that are way beyond our control. Spending habits are out of control as well. In times like this, we need to learn how to save money.  A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

No matter what your source of income is, changing your spending habits is crucial in order to progress with your plans for the near future. It’s not hard. Many people spend money on things they didn’t want or need in the fisrt place. Over spending their real limits. An example of savings habit will be at the Supermarket. Your shopping list must include a pre-existing calculation. 

For example

  • Milk $5.75
  • Cola $0.89

This list of calculation will guide you through the process of optainin Information over the price of the item. You will notice exactly where to adjust your calculations in order to save a penny. This habit is simple to get used to. 

Next time that you go food shopping, make sure to add all of your list with price. Calculate your list and anylise your total. 

Door To Opportunity Can’t Be Closed


Which door should I open? Opportunities are always knocking, some people do not even realize that because of their negative thinking habits. When there are many closed doors, we tend to freeze our next move. Yes; it is scary to try to figure out what is behind these closed doors. All you have to do is take a risk and open each door because when opportunity knocks, we need to move and open these doors. Keeping them closed will keep us locked up behind a door of negativity. So; which door should you open first? Open the door to Positivity!

Watching Spanish Soaps With My Wife

Even though I am not a huge fan of the Spanish soaps (Novelas), I spend quality time with my wife. She is really addicted to these shows. When your married, sacrifices have a priority in place. This is a big difference in many relationships. Many couples  do not spend quality time with each other. During my entire marriage, I’ve learned so much. Never doubting anything that occurs in the relationship. My wife is like a soldier in the Army, she is tough to the bones. She will be on high alert all the time. I have noticed that she is always two to three steps ahead of me all the time.

The good thing about being married to someone who is 100% dedicated to the relationship is the fact that nothing bothers her. I will tell you this, she is a fighter, a bull. But I love her a lot. We do things together. Everything decision made in this apartment is made by both of us.

We Don’t Hold Secrets

Our cellphone usage is limited. We have two but actually use one. All of our e-mails have one password and she has them all. Both of our Social Networks are fully open to each other. We never close any secrets.

We Travel Together

Of course this is something that we do all the time. We never leave each others side. No we do not get tired of each other.

We Cook Together

This is the part of our marriage that has built a solid foundation because we have been doing it since our first meet up, our first date.

We Work Together

This is something that is not seen with many couples but my wife and I have gotten used to being at work together. Productivity gets boosted this way. This blog is an example of how we work together.

Household Responsibility Is Split 50/50

Everything from cooking to cleaning and paying bills are split 50/50.

Are We Happy With Each Other?

Of course we are happy with each other. Our relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust and confidence. We do not hold any grudges at all. Even though we live in a society which is under pressure, we always keep a smile on our faces.

Building A Strong Relationship Is A Priority

Marriage for some is very scary but it should not be when you both love, honor, trust and have confidence in each other.

Building a strong relationship is a priority!


The End Of An Emotional Roller Coaster

Sometimes we need inspiration to keep moving forward. We have too many road blocks in our lives that we tend to just stop in our tracks. The End Of An Emotional Roller Coaster. Inspire me to reach my goals. These road blocks have to be destroyed in order for us to improve our daily living.

Inspire Me!