Join My Group

I would like to invite everyone to join my group. It was created for my community. We can chat and bring issues into the light. Creating a network of people who are willing to make a difference in our communities is a priority. At this time we are facing a huge problem in Puerto Rico, where our communities are in need of attention. Yet, many Government officials are ignoring the call for help!

In our group, everyone can share photos, report any issues affecting your part of the community. 

Let’s bring our voices together and change the future of our communities by joining our group today! 

Hope to see everyone in the group!


What A Busy Weekend

I’ve spent this entire weekend updating my blogs, working on my Facebook groups, pages. I’m feeling a bit burned out but it’s worth it. I’m actually adding a few more blogs in order to maintain a direct connection with my other Facebook Pages. I’m looking to keep all pages separate from the main blog. Each page has it’s very own blog. This is a new adventure. I need to keep moving forward. Anyway back to the drawing board. I have to finish these updates before sunrise. 

Updated My Blog

It has been such a roller coaster lately. I have updated my widgets. Reordering them for easier access. Some widgets stayed in the same position. The header was changed for now until I take a photo and upload it. The page section stayed the same for now. I have to figure out what to add. You will see the PayPal (Buy Me A Coffee) link way on top of the widget sidebar. If anyone is willing to be kind and help me by sending me at least $1.00 to buy me a coffee. This will help maintain my sanity so that I can bring you more interesting content. It will be much appreciated. I will be up and running shortly as I have to get a few things done.

Blog Needs Improvement

I’m going to start making some necessary improvents on my blog. The banner needs to be changed. I’m​ thinking about reordering the side widgets. Let’s see what I can come up with today to improve my blog and it’s navigation. Pages might be updated as well. Anyway I’m heading to the kitchen, I’m hungry!

I will be blogging in a few today. 

Blog Post Ratings Are Activated

WordPress has a rating setting where readers can leave a rating on the particular post. I am not sure if it works with my current theme but I did activate it on my pages as well as per post. These features are interesting because it will give me exact details on how well my post is performing. It will guide me on future post. More positive gives me more to write about. Negative will show me where not to focus on content. I am going to give it a try to see how it works. Hopefully these new stats will improve my blogging habits. With your help, I should be able to test this feature.

Please be kind and no trolling!!

Current Location Is A Security Breach

The location setting seems to set up a map of our current location but when activated it does not appear anywhere on the blog or blog post. Odd as it may seem, my last post should not have the location activated at all. It is a feature that makes no sense to have on at all. Does it matter where in the world we blog from? So, location setting will not ever be activated on my part. This feature is only activated per post. If any blogger would like to give it a try, it is under more option (PC Only). In the application you can find it under the setting where the categories are for your next post.

Sorry WordPress but I am not activating this feature for my security. 

Testing The Location Setting On WordPress

It seems odd to have this activated for security reasons. Why would WordPress allow this to be active? It shows a map of our location. Just like a GPS (Global Positioning System). Well; I am going to try to see how it works. If I do not like it. I will not activate it ever again. My security is priority and so is everyone elses. This post is a test of the location of the Map on WordPress.