Thanks for this opportunity

Hi, I’m Mary.
I’m 27 years old. I love helping people. I am a Woman married to Jose Rubio. I am from Puerto Rico. I love writing on wordpress. I am a sincere person, with expectations and I consider myself a good writer, which I characterize myself for being, honest and hardworking, in my field of Professional stylist, I studied in the Modern Hairstyling Institute of Bayamon Basic Cosmetology, Technique of Some and Also Barber and In the Modern Hairstyling Intitute of Fajardo Advanced Cosmetology, which in the sentimental I like to appreciate and respect the person I love and my friends I like to love them a lot so that they love me and respect them so that they respect and understand me. I am happy, cheerful, nice, I like sincerity and I love life .. I thank my husband for giving me the opportunity to write on his blog in English. I’m going to take this opportunity to learn the English language. I hope you like what I share in this blog.
I would also like to thank all the followers and visitors of this blog for giving me an opportunity to develop my English

Life Is A Battlefield

Good morning. 

Life is a Battlefield, where we struggle everyday with so many different situations. Be prepared for battle. Open yourself up to new opportunities, adjust all your daily plans to fit the current situation. Always Smile and be content with what you have.