Trying To Regain Control 

The struggle continues in Puerto Rico. It has become very difficult to secure any type of work due to the loss of Electricity and the limited access to the internet. I’m feeling disappointed because I have not seen any type of financial support from anyone. A small donation via PayPal can help me very much. This situation has brought me to a negative. Since I do not have access to an electrical plant, all my current income for rent, Internet has gone towards eating out. This situation needs to stop. Rent must be paid, Internet must be paid as well. Income has been limited at this time. I’m asking everyone who has access to PayPal to be kind enough to donate what you can. I’m actually going to appreciate all the donations. 

Right now I’m in the process of trying to get back to blogging. Your donations will help me get back on track. I will be updating via my Facebook page with evidence of the current situation. Puerto Rico has been put on standby because of the local AEE not providing timely service to all the island. The donation link can be found on the sidebar under Hurricane Relief Fund. All donations go directly to my personal account. Thanks! 


The Lost Island

Puerto Rico has become the lost island. Nobody wants to assist in rebuilding what has been destroyed. This situation has become very unstable. As of today, the island sleeps in total darkness, the night has become a challenge because of the intense heat. The sun rises, yet our faces do not show the brightness of happiness. 

Life as we know it has changed. We have become a lost island. People are driving recklessly throughout our city. No law and order exist here. The darkness has taken over everyone. People here are making bad decisions that cause more of the current situation to expand. 

Many of us do not have the luxury to buy an electrical plant. Eating routine has changed dramatically. 

Sometimes I wonder. 


Why are we so delayed in rebuilding our beautiful island? 

Smiles are seen but deep inside we are all suffering the most destructive of all. Our communities are falling apart because nobody wants to focus on really helping us rebuild.

Everything here is about Politics! We are territory of the United States!

Life Continues 

Despite the current situation, life must continue. It is very difficult to start a new routine during a crisis. With a positive attitude our lives must continue. 

A New Day – Sunshine In Paradise

Good morning everyone. Today is a beautiful day in Paradise. Life must continue here as normal. Even though we do not have access to Electricity our daily routines cannot be interupted. I’m happy because we have water service restored. Our communications are open in certain areas in our community. Businesses are in operation. Life continues! 

Puerto Rico Up and Running

We have been facing a serious situation with all communications. At this time we have access but limited. This morning we received water service. Electricity is still out of service. Food is limited but we are trying to stay afloat. I will be updating sooon.. 

Cellphone Signals 

At this point there is a 4G signal on the cellphone. Right now I’m actually online in Lomas Verdes, BayamĂłn. I will be updating soon.

Communications Half Open – The Battle Continues

We are happy to report that Lomas Verdes, Bayamon, Puerto Rico is ok. Magnolia Gardens as well is ok. There is minimal damage in this area. Trees are down, electrical wires, poles, etc are down. Many homes and businesses have been lost. At this point we are very limited on food and gasoline. Water supply is limited as well. There are other parts of Puerto Rico with severe damage. At this point we are basically stuck at home as refuge. An SOS needs to be established. Puerto Rico needs the assistance of our friends and family outside. We need the hands of labor to reconnect electrical services, bring food to our communities and establish medical emergency. Many streets here are not safe to travel. I am writing this update because at this time Claro Puerto Rico has service established via cellphone and internet. Please send us HELP!

I have established a Hurricane Relief Fund link on the side bar with the PayPal link. The situation here is getting very rough. Puerto Rico needs to establish gasoline service in order to maintain the electrical plants and keep fuel in vehicles. There is also a Facebook link on the side bar of this blog. Please follow me there, give me a like. I will be posting photos of the current situation on that page. I will be updating soon!