Great News About My Hearing 

This morning I had an appointment with my WANT (Ear Nose and Throat). He read my records from ICU and concluded that I have an auditory Nerve issue. It’s not serious but the great news is that I can recover my hearing within time. No medication can solve this issue, only time will. The nerve might have been inflamed during the time I had an infection that ran through my blood stream. I’m doing great as usual. I’m not completely deaf. I’m recovering slowly. At least I know now after such a long time what has caused my hearing loss. Anyway I’m heading to get something to eat, I’m hungry. I will be back shortly with more updates. 

When Life Hits You With Negatives

Good Morning

Always put your chin up, smile, be happy. In this time and age, we are seeing so much negative vibes that it tends to manipulate us in many ways. Our lives are constantly on a thin line with so many violent communities. We are not feeling safe, nothing is going as should be. Plans are destroyed on a constant level. Even if life hits you with negatives, we must attend to our happiness at hand. Accepting what we have and living peacefully among others. Remember that life is never easy.

Smile and be happy!

What A Long Week 

I’ve been having some unexpected experiences​ this week. Life has put many obstacles in my path. It’s not easy living in Puerto Rico due to all the Political craziness. Trying to keep my wife’s health up to date as well as mine. This island is upside down. Nobody wants to get business done. All my projects are on hold and this is bad. I’m trying to secure a modest income so that everything can be balanced in my life. I’m blogging as much as I can but very limited. 

Puerto Rico refuses to do business with the outside world. Who is willing to provide me with paid assignments? Or if anyone can donate via PayPal. I’m moving forward at a slow pace. Our communities are falling apart. I’m not going to give up that easy. Let’s connect for a better future. 

Happy Father’s Day 

I would like to wish all those Father’s a Happy Father’s Day. Today is a great day to spend time with your children and reflect on your past. Be greatful for what you have. Have an awesome day! 

Bloggers Have A Responsibility To Boost Information

Our Communities security are falling apart. It is our duty as bloggers to boost information that would help with coming up with solutions to restore our Communities security. This is something that has been overly ignored by our local Government. Funds are not going into programs which can drastically improve our Communities security and efforts. 

People claim that people kill people with guns but if those guns were not in the wrong hands, crime would drop drastically. Our youth has been ignored to the point where they seek the streets for guidance, not realizing that the street does not care at all about them. 

When will bloggers unite and discuss these issues on they’re blog? It is time to concentrate on our security. Going out has become a challenge because we have to keep pacing ourselves under the context of insecurities. 

We know for a fact that the mainstream media is divided. Information from these sources are never 100% legit. They focus on dividing our Communities. As Bloggers, we write, we post information in order to bring our communities together, in Peace and Harmony. I’m going to be honest. Living in todays time has become quite a huge problem. 

Remember that our youth has nowhere to go. They are being ignored by our ignorance. They will seek the streets for guidance, instead of our parents or community reach programs.

With zero programs, our youth will continue to be lost and commit all sorts of crime, against people who are against them. It’s time to reach out to our lost part of our communities. 

It is not only our youth that needs attention. It is adults as well who have been programmed to hate and separate from our communities. Let’s find a solution in order to restore Peace in our communities. 

Updated My Blog

It has been such a roller coaster lately. I have updated my widgets. Reordering them for easier access. Some widgets stayed in the same position. The header was changed for now until I take a photo and upload it. The page section stayed the same for now. I have to figure out what to add. You will see the PayPal (Buy Me A Coffee) link way on top of the widget sidebar. If anyone is willing to be kind and help me by sending me at least $1.00 to buy me a coffee. This will help maintain my sanity so that I can bring you more interesting content. It will be much appreciated. I will be up and running shortly as I have to get a few things done.

Blog Needs Improvement

I’m going to start making some necessary improvents on my blog. The banner needs to be changed. I’m​ thinking about reordering the side widgets. Let’s see what I can come up with today to improve my blog and it’s navigation. Pages might be updated as well. Anyway I’m heading to the kitchen, I’m hungry!

I will be blogging in a few today.