Puerto Rico On Lock Down

Well, it has been a horrible few hours of the lock down but we need to remember that this is a medical emergency, which is affecting the entire world. It is not clear as to when this virus will be stopped. Covid-19 has been putting the world upside down. Nothing can prepare us for this, especially here in Puerto Rico.

We have been through so much since Hurricane Maria. Recovering has taken a rollercoaster ride indeed.

Well, I’m hoping that this quarantine passes by quickly. The emotional, economical stress will take a toll on people soon.

One of the most important things to do is simply keeping your sanity in order, keep enough food for a few weeks at a time.

Stay Home!

Our way of life has changed and we need to cope one day at a time. Our health is a priority, so let’s start working on battling this virus until it goes away.


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