Adjusting To The High Cost Of Living

Struggling has become part of our daily routine. In matter of fact, one of our struggles is maintaining food in the pantry. The cost of food is unbelievable. A gallon of milk cost almost $6. Even with so called weekly savings by the local supermarket, $200 will guarantee only 20 items or less. Buying in quantity has been a life saver, even though it is not easy. Savings has been crossing our minds, even if we need to put away $1 at a time.

Our goal has been put on the side line but we will get it done. Luckily it is only two people to feed, my wife and I and thats it. We do eat the same things, so that puts more savings into our pockets. Minimizing the amount of food for consumption is also a priority. We cannot afford to waste food or money.

Living in Puerto Rico is great but we need to learn how to adjust to inflation of goods and services.


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