Sacrificing Alot In Order To Survive An Economical Crisis

We struggle everyday, sometimes missing out on enjoying life to the fullest. Life in Puerto Rico is not easy. The high price of food, fuel and rent is actually putting people on a mental roller coaster. What seems fair is not at all. This includes our safety, we are not safe traveling around the island. So where do we enjoy our lives? At home, sitting behind four walls. Opportunities cannot be achieved because you need to know people within local businesses in order to land an honest and decent job. So yea; it has been very difficult to maintain a living here. Priorities need to be put into place in order to stay afloat in this island.

What are my main priorities?

  1. Rent – I must pay my rent on time in order to maintain a roof over my head.
  2. Food – This is a must because we cannot go hungry.
  3. Vehicle – We need reliable transportation here.
  4. Cellphone – Communication is important
  5. Internet (WiFi) – A reliable asset for open communication with the world.

These five priorities are important for me at this time. So any available income for the month goes directly to these sources. It is sad, to live on a tight budget and not be able to hangout or travel for the moment. I am sacrificing so many things in order to balance what is important in order to survive here.

At this time I do not see a humanitarian crisis in our island but we need to be prepared for the worst.


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