Living In Puerto Rico Is About Politics

It has been a very busy week. We are facing so many issues in our communities that are affecting our current Mental Health. Politics and Religion are playing a big roll in our daily lives. Maybe if people decided to focus directly in their own home, forgetting about others, things will start getting back to normal. Here in Puerto Rico, we are struggling everyday. Way before hurricane Maria, life here has been a roller coaster. I personally do not see a serious crisis in the near future but it is most likely a possible event waiting to happen. There is not much that we can do, unless people start making some important changes in their daily decision-making.

I also find it very disturbing that people are so greedy here. Many seem to live in their own planet. The cause and effect of bad decision-making has brought us to a stand still on many issues. Nobody wants to solve any of our current issues. It is all about complaining and pointing fingers.

Living in Puerto Rico is about Politics. Blue or Red. This is why nothing ever gets done in our island. Maybe it is time to remove Politics from our daily situations and start resolving what is long due to resolve. 


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