Facebook Groups Not Letting Any Post Be Seen

Facebook groups have been giving me some issues. During these few days, I was not able to post on my Facebook groups. There is an option to post as your profile or fan page. I tried both in many occasions without any results. Today I was able to post a few times. Not sure what is going on. I’ve sent Facebook a bug report with zero response back. Right now, I’m trying to post from the Android application.

This situation is back tracking my social group post. I’ve cleared the cache on my cellphone as well as in the application itself. I deleted the application and restored it. Nothing changes. One of my last options was to disable all the applications from using data or Wifi without authorization.

Disabling many features like video auto play may help. I’m not sure if I was hacked because I can log into my account with no problem. I did find an odd page that showed a like from my profile. This page was in another language. I disliked the page and was able to post on the group that was having issues with posting.

I will be giving it another shot by posting again and verify the issue as soon as I find it.


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