Clean Up After Yourself

Did you know that people are destroying their own community by throwing garbage in the streets? This is a very bad habit. Not only does it make the neighborhood look bad, it smells bad, it brings many unwanted rodents, roaches, etc. People need to learn the basics of common sense. Throw your garbage where it belongs, in the garbage can. It is very disturbing to see a public place filled with unwanted garbage. Bus stops are over filled as well. Sometimes you cannot even sit down to wait for the bus. There are garbage cans everywhere, so why is it so hard to dump your waste in them?

Right now our planet is in need of a serious clean up.

Once we start the process of cleaning our environment, the planet and our neighborhoods will see a huge difference. We will also feel different in sense that our lives will be less stressful. Let’s start cleaning up our streets already. Next time you have the urge to throw something in the streets, remember that we share this planet. Learn how to use the garbage cans for your garbage disposal needs.


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