Puerto Rico Needs Attention

My fellow bloggers and friends, we must think before we write. Our communities are affected by mainstream media, the division between Political parties. We as bloggers should have a set agenda, to provide useful information. I know that as a blogger, finding a niche is difficult. Today, I will be looking into the situation that has been occurring in Puerto Rico. As a member of the community, I’ve witnessed so much dishonesty among our community. The fact that we face constant backlash, nobody wants to take responsibility for these negative decisions. Our daily living as been turned into a questionable agenda. We do not know what to expect in the next hour. A lot is going on. People are suffering from mental disorders due to the constant misinformation that has spread throughout the internet and mainstream media.

Suicide, crime and confusion has been installed in our memories. We wake up with negative news on a daily basis. At this time Puerto Rico needs attention, because our people are lost. Our island is in need. There are more important issues that need attention, which are ignored.

I urge everyone to start opening up with each other in order to bring real solutions to the table. We are strong Latinos. Remember that our island has a mix of people from around the world.

Change only comes when we get together and take action, instead of complaining too much. 


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