Life In Puerto Rico Is Not Easy

Life in Puerto Rico is not easy at all. Even though it is a small island, everything here is on a roller coaster. Of course the economy does not help. Sometimes sacrificing many things. Jobs are hard to secure here, even when working on our own basis. Our future is at stake in Puerto Rico. Our people depend too much on our Government and never focus on the real situation. In my case, I wake up early to start my day, preparing the announcements for my services, without any luck at all. It seems that people here are holding on to their money and will not release it.

There is an abundance of opportunities here and yet, we live on what little income comes by, even if it is very small. All we do is live day by day without planning for the rest of the week because planning does not work in Puerto Rico. Hopefully things will change for us as far as the financial situation is concerned. Once again, my main objective is to keep this blog updated. There is a lot to do. But I am 100% positive that my situation will change for the better.


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