New WordPress Editor

Ok; so now I am testing the new editor called “Blocks”. WordPress is making some changes. It looks cleaner and convenient. I’m writing this post on the new editor. Hopefully, I will get used to it or it is option number one “Classic Editor”. So far it is working great. If you are a blogger, give it a try. I think I will be using this new editor for awhile and see how it performs. I am used to the classic version.


4 thoughts on “New WordPress Editor

  1. needs a few improvements – for example – how do you highlight a word make it bold and THEN change its colour? – Just one example – No criticism – only observation – You run an excellent site BTW – Ian

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      • Your right – I look after a few sites have a look at – I believe the change is premature – The block builder is nothing new – sitejam have an incredible ‘block building’ platform – I feel the problem with this is it is attempting to integrate old and new – Anyway, I enjoy your site – it is interesting and thought-provoking – See You Soon – Ian

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