New WordPress Editor

Ok; so now I am testing the new editor called “Blocks”. WordPress is making some changes. It looks cleaner and convenient. I’m writing this post on the new editor. Hopefully, I will get used to it or it is option number one “Classic Editor”. So far it is working great. If you are a blogger, give it a try. I think I will be using this new editor for awhile and see how it performs. I am used to the classic version.


It’s Friday

It’s Friday. The weekend has arrived once again. Today, I will finally start working on recording for my YouTube channel. It will be interesting because I do not have any video equipment, just my cellphone. There is plenty to do this weekend. I’m going to record without any editing. Once Monday arrives, I will have plenty of time to record and hopefully, go live on a frequent basis. I will also update on what is going on in my community.