Political Wars Will Never Change Our Communities Around

We live in a complex society that everyone is focused on Politics. When in fact our main situations cannot be fixed by a single vote. Neither party is in office for the people who voted for they’re reelection. Our community is divided with hatred, racism, religious beliefs, political beliefs. We are a community that has been manipulated by people who only think about themselves.

We must come together as a community in peace and harmony and start helping each other. The change starts with us by helping our neighbors, family and friends. Focus on your family first. The future is in our hands, so start making wise decisions.


A Very Slow Day

Today was a very slow day. My wife went to play bingo with our neighbors. Spent time alone. Nothing was in plans for today, just dedicated my time to fix my cellphones keyboard. Making these unexpected changes are really putting a strain on me. Tomorrow I will be on the road once again as I will be running more errands. Taking my wife’s grandmother to the labratory. Like I always say; life continues.

Do You Use Your Cellphone or Laptop To Write On Social Media?

I’ve gotten used to posting on all my social networks with my cellphone. A few years back, I was mostly using my laptop. Do not get me wrong, there is a big difference between both cellphone and laptop. Especially when updating a blogs or any social media settings. In order to make any important changes, it is recommended to use your laptop. Maybe one day we will have the same access for changes on our cellphones.

Right now with the ease of access that our cellphones provide, I can blog from anywhere. Everything is one touch away. Of course we have to battle with constant updates and screen size but above all, it is a time saver. Once all of my settings are in place, I count with my cellphone for writing on all my social media accounts.