Body Tensions On High

It has been only four days of the 40 day challenge and I’m already feeling my body tense. Of course this has been quite a battle because my wife never gives up.

During this time of writing, everything else gets in the way. Luckily today was a slow day as far as errands go. Tomorrow will be exciting because my wife and I will be busy. Who will have access to their blog?

Maybe I will go ahead and jump on the train to success and start posting early. There is 24 hours in a day. Let’s see what happens tomorrow my fellow bloggers and visitors.


Important Things To Focus On

Today feels like one of those days where all you want to do is lay down and relax. The storm that we had last night lasted until this morning, keeping me awake all night long. Luckily the plans for today have been put aside for this coming week. Having the roof leak does not help the situation. Everything is done with a positive attitude, the landlord will be notified tomorrow about the leak. Right now there is a few more important things to focus on and I’m going to start working on that today.