Posting Schedule Changes To 24 Hours

I’ve been thinking about changing the posting schedule for this blog. This is due to the different time zones affecting my fellow bloggers and visitors.

I will be posting within the 24 hour period. This also provides me with enough time to dedicate to my readers. Expect uploads at different times. Hopefully this will also help my fellow bloggers and visitors with the opportunity to stay up to date with my latest postings.


Thunderstorms With Heavy Winds Strikes Puerto Rico.

A thunderstorm is in effect with possible winds of 50 mph in Puerto Rico. We are witnessing heavy rains and winds. Residents must take precaution. These winds can cause damage to property, trees and roof tops.

Automatic Cashiers Taking Over

Technology is advancing at a higher rate than we thought. These changes are seen at our local stores, automatic cashiers have been put in place.

This causes fear and raises many questions because our main sources of income are being replaced by machines. Many people rely on having a solid foundation working as a cashier.

The question still remains: How will people pay for they’re needs and monthly responsibilities if they are replaced by machines?