Never Judge A Person

There is a story behind every person in this world. A different view by different people. Yet; we tend to let other factors come in between that particular story. This is why we will never get to know each other 100%. Many stories are exciting, others are complete disasters. People live in they’re own world.

The saying goes. Never judge a book by its cover. Then never judge a person as well.


Relationship Gets Stronger

These written challenges are a great way to keep a relationship strong. It has given us the opportunity to focus on our feelings towards each other. There is a big difference between us that seems obvious. The attention that has been deeply transformed is awesome. We are stronger than ever. Respect has been earned on both sides. The battle continues with this challenge. I love my wife. All problems are put to the side as we continue.

There is no divide among us.

School Bus Incidents On The Rise

School administration needs to take responsibility for the current incidents involving children getting hurt or killed while boarding or getting off the School bus. We know for a fact that people do not care about the laws and the fact that these buses have a stop sign.

Parent’s need to take more responsibility for the safety of they’re children. Making sure that they are on the correct side of the bus before the bus arrives. It is common sense.

Too many children are getting killed because the parents are 100% irresponsible. It’s time society takes upon themselves to be more responsive with the safety of our children.