Spirit Of The Holidays Put On Hold

Thinking about the upcoming events this month. Sadness, anger, frustration keeps getting in between my goals.

Losing a family member so close to the holidays is frustrating. I’ve been putting everything on hold. Nothing is the same anymore. Wondering if it’s bad to get into the holiday spirit. Am I actually disrespecting our deceased member by putting holiday music? Traditions are not quite the same.

This is not about forgetting, it is about bringing our minds to a level of spiritual relief. Like the saying goes; Life Continues. Are we wrong in deciding to continue with our lives?

This situation is not an easy one to solve at this point because many are still in shock of the passing of our family member. But the spirit of the holidays is still in our hearts, while remembering the holidays we celebrated with our beloved angel, now in heaven.

Yes; it is sad, frustrating to think that everything must be put on hold due to this event.


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