The Time Has Arrived

The Time Has Arrived
October 25th, 2018 will be the date that I will eventually start my live streaming on the Facebook fan page. It has been a constant battle due to fear of going live, I am used to writing. Going live is a challenge in itself. Your support is of great value. Please follow and like my FaceBook fan page. One of my goals this month is to boost my fan rating. October 25th at 1pm eastern time, live streaming via the fan page. Hope to see everyone there. Thank You all for being a part of my blogging journey.

Life Is A Mystery

The minutes are counted. We experience a level of anxiety so high that it actually paralises our thoughts. Our world is full of darkness. Heartbreaking moments like the one thrown at us this week will put a blank page on our hearts.

Loved once are leaving us.

Why? This world is a mystery. Nothing can be explained. Our lives are based on suffering, enjoyment. Meaning, we suffer, laugh twelve months in a year. Not many people can understand why!