Facebook Fan Page Likes Don’t Work

Facebook is having major technical issues with they’re fan pages. The like button will not show anyone that clicks on it. It appears that the stats stays the same. This is a real concern because I’m trying to boost my fans. Facebook needs to fix this issue as soon as possible.


Protection Is Required On Social Media

Everyone needs to start paying attention to all they’re social media accounts, adding extra security measures because attackers are on a move to control or make changes to those accounts that they hack. Monitoring your accounts is vital for your own safety.

Puerto Rico Road Conditions Are Getting Worst

Road conditions here in Puerto Rico are getting worst as time passes. Accidents are at high risk due to unsafe roads which are covered by pot holes. At night and when it rains these holes are very limited to drivers. Mix these holes with limited or no lights in the streets and it’s a mix that becomes very dangerous. Who do we blame for these conditions? Who will take the responsibility to fix these roads? It is obvious that our local Government is ignoring the calls for assistance in this matter.

There are more complicated situations that need great attention with these pot holes and darkness. Used tires are not cheap and vehicle repairs are very expensive. It is time for action.