Social Media – A Silent Platform

Social Media has been changing so much. Today I would like to focus on FaceBook. This platform has many options for everyone to take advantage of, especially for business interactions. We have access to personal pages, fan pages, groups. What is really interesting is the fact that none of these areas are filled with people who are active. Meaning they do not comment or actually communicate with they’re friends or list that they belong to. It has become quite disturbing because nobody interacts with others. The platforms have become a silent area where nobody actually is sociable. Where has everyone gone too?

5 thoughts on “Social Media – A Silent Platform

  1. I’ve noticed that too! Sometimes I think people just go on to get the latest gossip and add as many “friends and likes”as they can. Like it’s a competition to see how many pages and people you can get.
    A while back … there was a commercial featuring a woman on her computer stating ” 630 friends! Wow! THIS is living!”
    It’s sad. And of course there’s those who gather as much personal information they can with fake profile and pages.

    All I know…..I’m really glad for bloggers.
    You seldom see any one who just want to lurk in the background. We all got stuff to say…..and places to say it…and we’re easily found.😊
    Well….that’s my 2¢worth.
    Be Blessed and keep up the great work!🙏🔥
    🐾 Andrea.


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