Fake News Controls Society

What do we consider fake news?

Fake news is categorized as false, misleading information. The advantage of having access to the world-wide web, has given people the freedom to spread that false information. This type of act causes confusion, breaks apart communities. It moves hatred to a new level. Our society has been manipulated by mainstream media. News outlets are Politically divided. On top of the false information, we live among people who enjoy doing major harm by re-posting or sharing these false information via social media. One thing is for sure here.Ā Nobody likes to cross reference what they read!

Are we being manipulated on purpose by a higher entity? This may seem so in my perspective because some information that I have come across were misleading. Social Media is a very dangerous platform to be spreading misleading information. Many groups will argue left over right without any true facts. Our communities need to see and hear the real truth behind what is going on. Lies after lies will just cause more hatred.

The poor has been ignored, the elderly has well. Children are left in total darkness. Suicide among adults, children are on the rise. All because of what is spread via social media. The News outlets need to step up they’re game and start reporting real news, without misleading the public.

This brings up a concern about blogging. Should bloggers start verifying the local news, reporting what is real information? That is another topic to consider here. It is time for people to wake up and start cross referencing information. STOP READING FAKE NEWS!Ā 


Puerto Rico In The Abyss

It has been a wild roller coaster ride in Puerto Rico. Yet; the recovery process has been great for many people but for others a battle of the unknown. What is currently occurring in our island is a Political war among citizens and politicians who have no intent of bringing normality back to our communities. Funds are not coming to the needy at all. We are living in a really divided island. Jobs here are very hard to get. People are suffering from within. The effects are real after Hurricane Maria. What is next for Puerto Rico? We are losing security as well. Our Police force is not taken care of, we live in constant fear for our lives.

Nothing will ever get solved when we have people running our Country into a total abyss of destruction. Not one single person cares for the well-being of the other. The local news has been informing negative information over many important topics here. Nothing will ever be resolved in Puerto Rico. Very sad situation here. We are a territory of the United States and do need the support of our homeland in order to see a better future.

Schools here are abandoned by the community as well as the Government. Students and teachers are required to attend a daily class in a trailer. We live with the “I DO NOT CARE ATTITUDE”.Ā  People are actually struggling trying to make ends meet with zero luck. Why? Why are we falling apart? Puerto Ricans will remain in the ABYSS.

Time Goes By FastĀ 

A new month has arrived. Time does go by quickly. We have reached the second day of August 2018. There is plenty of things to do. We are still in recovery status in Puerto Rico. One of my main goals is to establish myself as a business owner. It has not been easy but I’m still pushing forward. As the year nears close to the end, our goals must be accomplished.

Everything with a positive attitude.