FaceBook Live Muted

Well Facebook has muted my wifes Live Stream due to music permission.

If you don’t have rights to any music, you cannot go live. Facebook will not only mute your live feed, they will actually block all notifications to friends. The question here is simple. If you are attending an event with live music and want to share with family and friends, you will need permission from the artist. There is a huge debate that should be voiced here. Music is actually all over the internet, all over the radio and CD’s. So where do we start by getting written permissions? Many of these musicians are deceased. I would like to hear from Facebook directly on this complex situation. If any bloggers would like to also push the issue around so that these awkward policies can be explained and removed from the platform. Please share if you have experienced the same issues with live streaming via Facebook.


Keishla Fashion Accessories Live via FaceBook Page

Good Morning. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Puerto Rico. Today is the start of a new adventure for my wife. She will be going live on her FaceBook fan page Keishla Fashion Accessories tonight at 7:30pm. She will be going live in Spanish because she does not know English. If you speak Spanish, live in the United States or Puerto Rico, please help me by supporting my wife on her new adventure. She will be selling Paparazzi Accessories, only $5 plus tax and shipping to the United States and Puerto Rico. Hope to see you there.

An Awesome Weekend Ahead

This weekend will be an awesome weekend. My wife will be going live via Facebook for her Paparazzi sales. I can’t wait to see her strive in her success. This is something that she wanted to do for a long time.

Supporting her 100%.

I will be updating with a link tomorrow, so that you can stop by and give her some support as well. She only speaks spanish. This will be an exciting moment because it’s her first live stream.