American Citizen – Human Rights Don’t Exist

We have fallen deep into an abyss of what is right or wrong. Illegal means breaking the laws of the land. American parents are going through tough and emotional rollercoaster due to the separation of they’re children. So why are the debates in favor of the illegal immigrants? Human Rights are not considered here for American familes.

I’m an American citizen, a parent who was forced to give up my rights as a parent. (New Jersey). I never broke a law.

We are living in a world where everyone is focused on the wrong issues. Our community has been destroyed by lack of compassion. Our policies are written by people who do not know why they write them, these policies are used against each side of the Political spectrum in order to destroy the other Political side.

This is all about money and Politics. Not HUMAN RIGHTS!


A Fresh New Week Ahead

Good morning everyone. We are at the beginning of a new week. There are so many things that needs to be accomplished. Let’s start by opening our hearts more. Love needs to be spread amongst us in order to bring peace to our world.

The Shadows Of Darkness

There are 24 hours in a day. Yet; our day goes by under a shower of stress, sadness, confusion. Sometimes we may even feel lonely. Life your life stress free. Be content with what you have. Don’t push yourself to the limit if you cannot handle the changes that comes with living in a very unstable world, where people are living in the shadows of their own darkness with very limited light.