Hurricane Maria – Puerto Ricos Worst Enemy

It amazes me how incompetent people can actually be. Hurricane Maria destroyed our island but common sense will tell everyone that the actual fatally was not 4,600. Where did the actual evidence come from? This is all a Political action on the United States part in order for our Government to look bad and not receive any assistance or the votes for State Hood 51. Political rakateering!!

During our six months of total suffering, we had no electricity or running water. Fuel was very difficult to secure. Many Municipalities have been affected by Hurricane Maria, till this day half of Puerto Rico is still in total darkness.

Hurricane Season has arrived with our fellow neighbors on the ignore list. Politics has ruined our community.

Migration had been rising before the hurricane, many people have had to abandon they’re homes.

We have been struggling with no electricity. This causes people to actually suffer because they depend on machines to maintain life. Many elderly who had no access to medical attention.

Many factors fall into place when calculating fatality. The island suffered a state wide black out during the Hurricane and after.

Businesses, Government offices were all under an electrical Blackout, causing everyone to move to different locations.

Round two begins! New hurricane season and Puerto Rico still suffers.