Blogging Takes A New Journey

This weekend will be an awesome weekend. The start of a new week is near, so our future plans are moving forward. All negative thoughts will never stay within our minds. One of the major projects right now is the programming of Live Streaming via Periscope, Facebook, Instagram. I am actually looking forward to this new project for my blogging. It is the next step for my Thoughts and Views. I’m starting the Periscope without a set Schedule at this time. Facebook Live does have a Schedule on the Fan Page as well as on the group page. All information has been posted on the page banner. With this new journey, I am hoping to gain more viewers, followers. There will be so much to talk about. Go ahead and visit my Facebook Fan Page¬†for more details. I will be updating the Fan Page with Notes soon with valuable information. Thank you all for visiting. Have an awesome weekend.


Life Is Not Easy

Life has many obstacles, we bump into each everyday. Smiling and comforting our lives around positive thoughts, will eventually bring us all back to reality.

AEE Irresponsable In The Recovery Of Our Electrical System

Dangerous Situation Ignored By AEE
Our community has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Yet, the local AEE, Government has ignored the dangerous Situation involving electrical Cables. Magnolia Gardens, Bayamón, Street 17 R27 has down cables, putting residents in clear and present danger. The local AEE will not fix the issue, unless residents write a report with local Authorities. We are living in an emergency. Who will come and fix this problem? There are children living in this community and the street is very dark at night, making it impossible to see this down cable.