I’m A Victim Of Bullies

Our society has been ignoring the real issue behind all these violent acts. Which is Bullies. For so many years, bullies have been causing pain, suffering. Is it enough for a student to attend School, spend countless hours trying to study? In the meantime School administration will not manage the situation at hand correctly, leaving students to defend themselves. One of the biggest problems here is the School staff, they were raised as bullies, so they will ignore the problem 100%. Mind you that our situation escalates on a daily basis with bullies on top of us. 

I’m a Victim Of Bullies

The cry for help is not enough when pain and suffering is already part of my daily existence. On top of that I am being ignored, abused by people who don’t see or feel my pain inside. The hurt, the anger has taken over me. Years may pass but I am triggered by a broken society. Sometimes I sit alone because I feel a deep closure for self meditation. Nobody will understand why I sit alone, my mind is filled with so much devastation. It hurts to realise that society has been ignoring my cries for help. The hardest part is living in total darkness, with silence illuminating my fear, anger towards my bullies. A silence that nobody actually knows about because they have been ignoring my cries for help.

Please remember that BULLIES are the cause of extra violence in our society! 

Helping those people who are suffering in silence should be a priority. Mental Illness is part of our daily lives. Everyone suffers from some sort of Mental Health problem. When ever you see someone sitting alone, remember that they are meditating in silence because society ignores them. The cry for help is a silent cry which nobody actually can hear or see. We need to change how we treat others, so that we can avoid escalating a situation which can turn violent. Peace and Love should be established within our hearts. Schools need to start a zero tolerance for bullies. If someone reports a bully situation, School staff should take that report seriously and solve the problem before it’s too late.