Mental Health Needs Urgent Attention In Our Society

The problem in our society is the lack of Mental Health Awareness. The world is not properly comprehending how our brains really work. The majority of our population has been divided by hatred, ignorance, Politics, Religion, lot’s of violence. We are not focusing on the real issues affecting our communities.

What are people thinking? 

Our Schools are not safe, our Public safety is at risk everyday. The decisions made by people are not exactly helping solve the problems that we face on a daily basis. Lives are being taken away from mentally challenged people. They are being constantly armed by the NRA (National Rifle Association). Our Political system has been financed by corruption. We cannot keep living in a broken world.

Laws are written by the same people who actually breaks them! This does not make any sense at all. So we have people who are innocent suffering from unrealistic laws. Our planet is not in a stable Mental Health status. Everyone in our society needs some kind of help in order to solve their unstable minds.

The reality will sink when everyone starts focusing on the Mental Health of our own people. It is easy to blame others but every one of us are the cause of our Mental status and how we conduct ourselves with others. Let us reflect on the causes of our decisions based on our own mental status.


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