Depression Controls Everyone’s Life

via Depression Controls Everyone’s Life

We must continue our mission to control depression. Remember that depression is a State of mind. Our problems leading to depression can be solved. Why do we suffer so much? People do not care what is going on within our minds. Did you know that suicide is very common these days? Depression is not a condition that should be ignored. Of course, nobody is perfect. Our lives are mixed with so much tension. Let’s face the problem straight on.

Focusing on the depression will not solve anything. I’ve been depressed many times in my life. Our daily routines are always tested. Constantly changing plans, dealing with negative people. Our lives are on constant bully list. In many cases, families are torn apart by wars or divorce. There is a huge list of where our depression comes from. We all suffer from stress, anxiety.

There are monthly bills to pay. Jobs are hard to find. Our financial situation is also a factor for depression.

The reason for our failure in finding a solution for our depression is simple. We are always thinking negative. 

Let’s start focusing on the issues that bring us into a state of depression. Once we make that list, we can start to fix those issues and in many cases, we can eliminate them from our daily thoughts. 

Make a List of your main issues and start focusing on fixing those issues!!