Selfies A Mental Disorder?

I’ve been witnessing too many people posing in front of their cellphones. Sometimes we must wonder if this is a mental disorder. Taking a snap shot of yourself in public or in front of a mirror is a bit disturbing. Many people who I have had the opportunity to witness are suffering in some form. 

 What causes someone to take selfies? 

Selfies are taken by people who are in need of attention. These are attention seekers. The I want to be famous syndrome. 

Any feedback would be appreciated on this topic. 


6 thoughts on “Selfies A Mental Disorder?

  1. I think if depends, if you’re talking about people who take a selfie alone in their bedroom when they’re about to go out or just when they’re alone so people will see them and do this constantly like everyday, then yes I think it is a mental disorder. However if you don’t do it often and you’re out somewhere and want a picture of the place you’re in or the people you’re with and there is no one to take the picture of you or of the group, I think it’s ok. That’s just a great way to get everyone in the picture if no one can or will take it.

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