As The Clock Ticks To Midnight

As we get closer to the new year, our goals come into mind. Can we actually accomplish what we missed in 2018 in 2019? Starting January 1st, 2019, all the focus will be on reaching those goals. This time, focusing on one goal at a time. Of course it will be a challenge but it can get done. In my case, I’m shooting for the stars, I want to focus on this blog, looking forward to going live across the social media accounts associated with my blog.

I’m also going to work hard on my YouTube channel. This coming year will be booked. But I’m confident that everything will go as smoothly as butter on bread.

So, this year I will be busy.

Right now, I’m limited on recording equipment. Using a cellphone for recording and blogging. I do enjoy the challenge. I learn a lot from working on a limit.

As the clock ticks to midnight December 31, 2018, full speed ahead with all my goals. Staying focused, positive and not let anything get in the way.