Christmas In Total Darkness

This year many people are still suffering. Yet, many are celebrating the holidays. Sadness, stress, anxiety overrides the festive feelings. Hurricane Maria has left so much emotional damage that it has become very difficult to celebrate anything. Christmas in total darkness! 

Puerto Rico is still recovering. 

Many Municipalities are still without electricity, leaving many families in total darkness this Christmas. Our local utility company is taking too long in fixing the power grid. Puerto Rico needs the help from our fellow Americans in Homeland in order to recover quickly. 

Many families here are suffering and Politics keeps getting in the way of a full recovery. Hopefully we as Americans can recover and finally receive the electricity for a brighter future. 


The End Of The Year Has ArrivedĀ 

Sometimes we need to sit down and wonder. It helps us to realize how much time we actually have in this world. As I sit here in the parking lot of the mall, I’m noticing how people go by their daily routines. Everyone lives in their own world. The end of the year has arrived with so much sadness, so much anxiety, so much stress. Sometimes I wonder, what time do we have? 

Tonight is the longest night of year. This means that we will be starting another round of stress. 

Remember that we are sill waiting for our electricity to be restored

The night is young. Christmas lights are on. Our communities regain the only thing in our daily lives. Our Happiness!!!