The Lost Island

Puerto Rico has become the lost island. Nobody wants to assist in rebuilding what has been destroyed. This situation has become very unstable. As of today, the island sleeps in total darkness, the night has become a challenge because of the intense heat. The sun rises, yet our faces do not show the brightness of happiness. 

Life as we know it has changed. We have become a lost island. People are driving recklessly throughout our city. No law and order exist here. The darkness has taken over everyone. People here are making bad decisions that cause more of the current situation to expand. 

Many of us do not have the luxury to buy an electrical plant. Eating routine has changed dramatically. 

Sometimes I wonder. 


Why are we so delayed in rebuilding our beautiful island? 

Smiles are seen but deep inside we are all suffering the most destructive of all. Our communities are falling apart because nobody wants to focus on really helping us rebuild.

Everything here is about Politics! We are territory of the United States!


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