Sunday Morning Advice 

Everyone is so upset with each other these days. Yet, nobody wants to admit how wrong they are. Of course we are programmed to hate each other. Can we live in Peace? The color of our skin or culture does not identify us as evil people. 

You cannot go around hating a group of people without actually spending quality time with them. Close your eyes for a moment and Reflect on these issues affecting our daily lives. Focusing on other people and trying to keep them in your hands like puppets is the wrong way to push your opinions and Views. Focus on developing your true intelligence.  

This is where the time should be spent. Your future endeavors will come in handy if you focus on your present. Stop hating the world. Right now your anger is out of control. Admit that you are lost in society! You beg for attention, friends and need to do things out of place in order for people to see that you exist. 

Your existence in this community is like a ghost. Nobody can see you! 


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