Stress Can Be Avoided

We tend to always run against the clock. Trying to be at a certain place on time. In fact this is impossible because no matter how many times we try to beat the clock, the clock will always beat us first. Stress can be avoided. Simply by relaxing and not running against the clock. Take a deep breath and forget that your clock exist.


2 thoughts on “Stress Can Be Avoided

  1. I find that maturity and good planning helps too.

    I used to be horrible with timing. Like always, always, always late or arriving on the hour, which is technically late in the professional world anyway. Now I plan ahead and never cram activities or tasks into my schedule if I have to be somewhere or do something at a particular time.

    And I’m not worried or stressed anymore. I’m on a good path now as new habits are strengthened and new ones reinforced.

    Thanks for the insightful post bro !

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