Puerto Rico Needs An Economical Boost

At this moment we are facing a total imbalance of our communities efforts. Some giant stores are closing, while others are opening. Sam’s Club has shut down it’s operations overnight, without any formal notice to it’s employees. We know for a fact that taxes are high here. The cost of operating a business has become difficult. There has been an increase in migration to the United States because of the Injustice in our Country. Bad management, corruption has caused us a deep emotional scar. We live day by day wondering how we are going to pay the rent, how we are going to put dinner on the table. If everyone notices, I have a PayPal donation link on the side widgets. This is because I’m not working due to my health. Actually I’ve been working hard on blogging. Hoping that my fellow bloggers, friends, visitors can give me a hand by donating something so that I can survive financially here. It has been very hard to maintain a decent flow of money due to our current state in our Country. I’m looking forward to seeing some coffee money. I’m going to be honest, it is not easy living in Puerto Rico. The weather is great but the economy is aweful. 

Please help me by sending me some coffee money. This way I can balance my life and get motivated more with blogging. By the way, thank you everyone for following me and supporting my journey. It is always appreciated. 


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