Mission Impossible

Today my wife and I went food shopping this morning at 10am. We arrived at home around 11:30am. The Supermarket has a grand variety of food on sale. When your on a tight budget shopping does become a mission impossible. We managed to purchase enough and saved as well. My wife and I have become shopping accountants, calculating every single item placed on the cart. So, shopping will take a few hours the most but we come out saving with more food in the cart. Purchasing what we consume the most is and will always be a priority for us. Our shopping mission has been accomplished. 

This month will be a balanced month because our kitchen has been filled with enough food. We are content with our mission for today. Now we have to look forward to our next mission, which is the 60 Day Challenge. My wife does not give up with the battle against me. Now it is time to work on that mission very slowly because I am waiting for her to tell me what date to start the challenge. By the way I need for all my fellow bloggers, followers, visitors and friends to like my Facebook Fan Page. I just received notice that my challenge will be written and video. This means that I have to post daily and put up a video and write daily. These videos will be posted in my Facebook Fan Page. I do hope that I can count on everyone for my very next challenge. The videos will be pre-recorded. I will be updating soon on this important mission with details about what is in store for me for the 60 days. Stay tuned for my next update.



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