The World Keeps On Moving Forward

Well, today was another day full of errands. Woke up at 5am to hit the streets at 6:30am. During my regular routine running errands, I find myself observing my surroundings. People are just walking around minding their own business, running their own errands as well. Sitting here at the mall, everyone does have a personal life. Everyone is different, Unique in many ways. Behind the silence of each person, lies a true meaning of stress, anxiety, happiness. Everything around me seems to be going around like a clock. 

The world keeps moving forward. 

Everyone around me has a unique situation, a story that only they can tell. Drama or no drama, people will be people. Humans living together in a planet that only spins in one direction. Young and old, living in a world full of stress. The clock keeps ticking, while our minds gather Unique information. 

A reminder that everyone is unique in their very own way.