A Busy Day With Rain and Heat

Well, today was a really busy day. 

Heat and rain filled day caused a delay in my arrival at home. I left the house at 6:30am, arrived at home at 7pm. All the hours spent was for my wife. She needs to get her health in balance. Taking advantage of the low patient visits. I myself have a very busy month ahead as I need to focus on balancing my health as well. As everyone knows, our health system is off to a bad start. We need to focus more on what is important in our lives. Keeping a list of priorities. 

Tomorrow is another day as well. The coming months are going to be hectic. Don’t forget that I’m getting ready for this 60 day challenge. 

I’m actually waiting for my wife to let me know the exact day it will begin. Right now, I’m really tired. Might take a nap before I grab something to eat. I’m also hungry. I will be updating this blog soon.