Who is Spying on us?

Facebook Breaks Users Privacy
Who is Spying on us?

Facebook has broken the Privacy of many users by adding this feature. This feature will pin point your exact location. It actually is a way to keep track of people. Not only will it track you down, it has access to your entire phone. Once activated it will also show your exact location in the Facebook feed. Who is Spying on us? This is a scary feature because anyone who wants to do harm, can find the person right away. Not a great thing for the safety of our family. They can also have access to your cellphones contact list, photos and much more. One of they’re messages states that if not activated many Facebook features may not work. Forcing it’s users to allow them to track you down. This should be a security concern to millions of people confronting a high rate of crime in their communities. Should this feature be completely removed from Facebook by they’re team? Our privacy is at a total risk with this feature activated. Facebook will not be responsible for a crime committed by having this feature activated or in other words, they are 100% liable for any crime committed by having this allowed!

Our safety has been compromised by a Spying feature!!


5 thoughts on “Who is Spying on us?

  1. Facebook is a voluntary government database. Snowden showed us that Facebook feeds directly into the NSA. This change, if it is anything more than cosmetic, just makes it a little bit easier to take troublemakers out with a death ray. Okay, I don’t really know if they have a death ray, but I would not be surprised.


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