A Community United 

We have been inflamed over so many problems facing our communities. The citizens of Puerto Rico are divided by Politics. We have red, blue, etc. The community can prosper if the Political addiction would be left alone. Meaning, we would progress if Politics was left out of every decision that is critical to the future of our people. A community United is the only way to bring back a normal life to our suffering society. Let’s start a new life by uniting as a community. In Peace and Harmony, we can overcome all current situations. Puerto Rico can and will conquer all current situations. 


2 thoughts on “A Community United 

  1. You’re right, a community uniting to solve community problems at the community level would go a long way to growing the society you want. As for politics however, people get into politics because they realize that to be the road that wealth travels and that politicians are the traffic cops on that road, gaining not only personally but also able to pick winners and losers. Term limits for everyone including, or maybe especially, bureaucrats.

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