A Minor Accident Causes A Black Out

Last night there was a black out due to a minor accident where two electrical poles dropped onto a home on Magnolia Ave, Bayamon, PR. No injuries were reported. One of the biggest issue is the lack of service from the AEE. When will they start repairing the broken system? Residents have had enough with the lack of responsibility from this company. We cannot keep living in total darkness anymore. Executives from the AEE will not make a move to fix this issue but they can and will keep collecting money from the public. Enough is Enough with the lack of responsibility. We need answers these people to start working on the system already. It seems that the public is being ignored. It is time for the community of Puerto Rico to wake up and start making sure these people start working on fixing the broken system.



Blackout Once Again

AEE Leaves Residents in the dark once again. There is no service in Magnolia Gardens, BayamĂłn, Puerto Rico. The heat is getting worst, as fans are not turned on due to no electricity running. When will we get the lights turned on?