The Sinking Ship Is Getting Deeper

As of today the DTOP of Puerto Rico is boosting all fines and services. Anyone violating any traffic laws will pay heavily out-of-pocket. Services for transactions are also a huge hit in the pocket. Meanwhile the current economic situation in Puerto Rico is going under the sea. The island is bankrupt, there are limited funds to keep operating Governments services. Over 500 employees in the public sector will be released of their duties. The public funds are being managed wrong in our island. How can they raise services and infractions when the island is suffering an economic crisis?

While the poor working class is suffering to maintain a decent balance for food, rent and medical. Our Government is playing games with the minds of the poor. We cannot keep living in this situation here. Another issue involved here are the birth certificates, they are constantly changing. Now we need the BLUE certificate in order to do any transactions.

This is another issue because it is another charge that is imposed on all residents. The Government charges for stamps. They cost anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 each. The cost of 2×2 photos, medical certificates cost as well. Mind you that many residents do not own a vehicle, so they must take public transportation, which is another cost. Money here does not last long. In fact $2,000.00 goes away really fast when doing any vehicle transaction here in the island.

We are sinking very slowly here. Unless we can join others outside the island who are willing to help us gain enough money to balance the books. In order to live happy and content in this island, a couple alone must earn $10,000.00 a month, a couple with children must earn over $20,000.00 a month.

Life in Puerto Rico is not as easy as it may seem. Of course we live in Paradise but this Paradise is eating away our pockets. As a blogger and resident of Puerto Rico, I would like to see things change for a better future. I’m a fighter and am not going to let my mini boat sink next to the big ship. Setting up all priorities for a better balance, even if it means staying broke after I pay my priorities.

My wife and I are always on foot, we don’t own a vehicle and are always tight on budget. We purchase the most important things, like food, bathroom items, kitchen items. We pay our rent and keep updated with the internet bill. Cellphone is always paid. Like I said before, if we do not balance our essentials, we will not survive this negative economy.

The sinking ship is getting deeper and we need help to stop the sinking ship!




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